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Message from the Principal

Sat May 23, 2015

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As you are aware Sydney is in the midst of a property boom.

Local and Overseas Investors, as well as people trying to upgrade or down size means there is a huge buyer pool at the moment with few properties coming on the market, hence causing great competition between buyers and increasing prices.

The question I am asked everyday by potential vendors and purchasers is,

When will this stop?

When will the market slow down?

Should we wait to buy? 

Should we sell now?

All good questions and questions I wish I could answer intelligently.

The fact is no one will know when the market has hit its limit until it starts to drop. This is when more properties appear with less buyers willing to pay the price that vendors now expect, and when the property’s "days on market" increase substantially.

We know this will happen, but we are not sure when.If you are holding off from selling your property thinking the market will increase further, you maybe right, but we risk the chance of missing out on the best market I have ever seen.

Being in the real estate business I am more than happy to discuss your local market with you, advise on how things may go in detail, and of course how we would achieve the best outcome possible if you are thinking of selling.

Please feel free to give me a call anytime.


George Vumbaca

| 0424 165 534

02 9971 4900 |

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